"As a Reverse Mortgage Program Specialist, and former Financial Advisor, I understand the financial challenges of aging.  I use a sound financial planning approach to help eligible 62+ homeowners determine suitability of a reverse mortgage.  Every situation is unique, and there is no one size fits all."    

                                                  Jack Benke, MMP, CEA   NMLS 322773

Unlock The "Tax Free" Liquidity In Your Home
A standby source of liquidity is at the ready.
Make needed home repairs or improvements. 
Travel, or vacation, while your health is good.
Draw a monthly cash disbursement or advance to help meet expenses. Supplement your income until you reach maximum SS eligibility.  Payoff an existing mortgage or Home Equity Line.

​Use the proceeds, as needed, to avoid premature depletion of your retirement funds.  The can help provide financial longevity to your retirement plan.

Reverse Mortgage for Home Purchase Program

Want to buy a replacement home that meets the needs of a changing lifestyle?  Maybe you would like to live in an association maintained community, closer to family, friends, services. If you are 62+, you can buy a home using all, or a portion, of the proceeds from the sale of your existing home.  You simply use a HECM For Purchase loan for the difference.  If you need to purchase a home that cost more than your existing home, this solves the problem, and you preserve your retirement assets. 

    Imagine the possibilities and NO mortgage payments:

  1. Downsize or up size to a more suitable retirement home.  A home that will accommodate a changing lifestyle. 
  2. Stay in your current home, with a standby source of cash.
  3. Payoff existing mortgage, credit cards, or make repairs

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Reverse your thinkingfor a stable and secure retirement. Take the time to explore the FHA HECM Loan Programs.  They are the HECM for Purchase, and Traditional HECM for Refinance.​​

Specializing in Reverse Mortgage Programs.

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